Baking Classes

A great way to up your baking game! Join us!

Cake Decorating Class

Learn techniques to take your cakes to the next level in this fun-filled cake decorating class at Swiss Delices. All the basic frosting techniques are reviewed, then we’ll cover many decorative styles and touches. Don’t let yourself be intimidated! Have fun! Learn to express your creativity in this practical and whimsical class.  Watch the baking class calendar for an upcoming class session.


Challah Bread Class

Learn to Make Challah Bread! Challah is a special Jewish braided bread eaten on Sabbath and Jewish holidays. Learn the technique of this beautiful, rich braided sweet bread.


French Macarons

These beautiful, popular cookies are wonderful to serve at any fancy event. They are not easy to make though! The main components — blanched almond flour and meringue — have to be handled ‘just so’ to achieve the extraordinary texture and crunch of the classic French macaron. At Swiss Delices’ Macaron Baking Class, we share all the secrets to success.  Watchthe calendar for an upcoming  class session.


Italian Butter Cream & Chocolate Ganache

Master two of the world’s most famous fillings and icings — Italian Buttercream and Chocolate Ganache.  With these two delicious creations, you can expand your baking and decorating repertoire to infinity and beyond!  Join us for a great time exploring the possibilities.


Fruit Tarts & Frangipane Class

Six awesome students recently learned how to make delicious fruit tarts and frangipane during our baking class. Thank you to Nancy for sharing these great photos and her opinion of the class: “I felt that the class was very creative and fun and I liked the way we worked together to produce a really attractive dessert.”


Butter Croissants Class

Join our class and learn to make flaky beautiful croissants in your own kitchen. Fresh from the oven, your family and friends will rave over your creations. Recipes and all ingredients provided. Chocolate croissants included.  Stay tuned for more details and new class schedule.