Let's Talk Cake!

Our most popular cakes and why they are so amazingly good!

Our cakes are special. Here's why...

Imagine the smiles that you’ll see when you serve a beautiful cake decorated just for your theme or event. Then when you taste it… wow!  You will be delighted by both the beautiful texture and amazing flavor inside. Here’s why…

Swiss Delices cakes are no ordinary cakes.  We never use ‘mixes’ like most bakeries do. All our cakes are made ‘from scratch’ using organic and natural ingredients.

Our Swiss Velvet cake, for example, is made with fresh raspberries instead of all that artificial red food coloring.  Our chocolate mousse cake is amazing, made with rich dark Belgium chocolate. This and our truffle cake are both a chocolate lovers’ dream.

Our wonderful sponge cakes follow a centuries-old European recipe for ‘genoise‘ and contain only fresh eggs, organic flour, butter or oil, and sugar. We use no baking soda, baking powder or other leavening! Instead, we create a rich but airy sponge cake consistency by beating (and beating and beating) eggs, then combining them with other ingredients at the last minute. Every home baker will tell you it’s time consuming and a lot of work but the wonderful texture and rich flavor of a ‘genoise’ cake cannot be surpassed.

Our fruit basket cake, strawberry and fruit tarts are made with fresh pesticide free or organic seasonal fruits. We shop carefully for the very freshest and best quality fruits possible.

We could go on but you get the idea. We simply do not skimp on quality. We go the extra mile to see to it that our cakes and pastries are delicious AND respect your body.

When you bring a Swiss Delices cake or pastry to an event, the smiles are guaranteed.  More importantly, you will smile too knowing that you are serving the very best.


Swiss Velvet Cake

The original Waldorf Astoria recipe but we skip the big amount of red food coloring and compensate with fresh raspberries in a smooth cream cheese filling. Then we hide everything under a coat of cream cheese frosting…so yummy!


St. Honore Cake

The St. Honore cake is well-known in European countries but very difficult to find in the U.S.  This very special cake is made of puff pastry, pate a choux, cream puffs filled with bavarian cream and covered with caramel. Requires at least one week advance notice but is totally worth waiting for!


Tiramisu Cake

Pictured here is a Tiramisu Wedding Cake covered in fondant. The basic tiramisu cake has two layers of espresso soaked white sponge cake, marscarpone-rum cream filling, and chocolate shavings on top.


Chocolate Mousse Cake

Our most popular cake. A chocolate sponge (genoise) cake, chocolate mousse filling, chocolate discs on the side and shaved chocolate on top.  Freshly made daily. (Six layers)


Chocolate Truffle Cake

For chocolate lovers….an amazing rich truffle flavor in a cake! This beauty begins with a layer of chocolate genoise sponge cake, a layer of 72% Belgium chocolate ganache, followed by a layer of Japanese almond meringue,  ganache again, then another ganache again, chocolate sponge and finished with ganache and surrounded by dark chocolate. Yum!


Strawberry Dream Cake

White genoise sponge cake, vanilla custard and lots of whipped cream with fresh organic strawberries throughout (six layers). Comes in 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ and 14″ round or sheet cakes. We can also make a square cake on demand.


White Chocolate & Lemon Custard Cake

This is a moist lemon sponge cake, layered with whipped cream and lemon custard combining tart lemon and sweet white chocolate. A rich dark Belgium chocolate covers the sides to add just the right balance of flavors. A true delight.


Princess Cake

Wait until you taste this amazing cake. You’ll agree it is fit for royalty. The Princess cake is a half dome white vanilla sponge cake  with layers of vanilla custard, raspberry filling, whipped cream and marzipan.  A fabulous treat. Requires 24 hours advance notice. The picture shows a Princess cake decorated for Christmas but any theme is possible.

Cake Dimensions

Our cakes are made with three layers of sponge cake and two to three layers of filling.

Cakes are available in various sizes and shapes (round, rectangle, square). Here are our standard round cake sizes:

6 inches (serves 6-10)
8 inches (serves 12-15)
10 inches (serves 25-35)
12 inches (serves 35-45)
14 inches (serves 55-65)
16 inches (serves 80-90)

Advance notice is require, depending on the cake, the shape, size & decorating requirements.  For prices and detailed information, please call us at 510-881-8669.

Ask about our specialties like Boston Cream cake, Black Forest cake, Carrot cake and other specialties. (Three days advance notice required.)

If you have something else in mind that is not shown on this page, just give us a call! We welcome a challenge… here’s proof!


Created for the Oakland Zoo by Misti Shortcakes and Swiss Delices.


Fruit Basket Cake (seasonal)

A beautiful low sugar layer cake of vanilla genoise sponge cake, fresh organic seasonal fruits, Bavarian cream, topped with fresh whipped cream and strawberries, and sides covered with toasted sliced almonds.


Buche de Noel (seasonal)

The traditional yule log cake appears everywhere in European homes in the holiday season. And what a sweet, delicious treat it is! Made with top quality chocolate, mocha, pistachio, Grand Marnier and vanilla. The perfect holiday party cake.  Order in advance please.