Imagine the smiles that you’ll see when you serve an imaginative and beautifully decorated cake for your next special celebration.  Then when you taste it… oh boy.

Unlike most cakes — including most bakery cakes — our cakes are not made from mixes.  They are made according to a centuries-old European “genoise” recipe, so they contain only fresh eggs, organic flour,  butter and milk. No baking soda or baking powder or other leavening is used. Instead, we create an airy, light sponge-cake consistency by beating egg whites separately and combining them at the last minute. It’s a lot of work but the resulting classic texture and rich flavors of our cakes cannot be surpassed.

You will smile too, knowing you are serving the very best.

Imagine the smiles that you’ll see when you serve a beautiful cake decorated just for your theme or event. Then when you taste it… wow!  You will be delighted by both the beautiful texture and amazing flavor inside. Here’s why…

Swiss Delices cakes are no ordinary cakes.  We never use ‘mixes’ like most bakeries do. All our cakes are made natural ingredients.


Our Swiss Velvet cake, for example, is made with fresh raspberries instead of all that artificial red food coloring.  Our chocolate mousse cake is amazing, made with dark Belgium chocolate. This and our truffle cake are both a chocolate lovers’ dream.

Our wonderful sponge cakes follow a centuries-old European recipe for ‘genoise‘ and contain only fresh eggs, organic flour, butter and milk. We use no baking soda, baking powder or other leavening! Instead, we create a a rich but airy sponge cake consistency by beating eggs and combining them with other ingredients at the last minute. Every home baker will tell you it’s time consuming and a lot of work but the wonderful texture and rich flavor of a ‘genoise’ cake cannot be surpassed.

Our fruit basket cake, strawberry and fruit tarts are made with fresh pesticide free or organic seasonal fruits. We shop carefully for the very freshest and best quality fruits possible.

We could go on but you get the idea. We do not skimp on quality. We go the extra mile to see to it that our cakes and pastries are delicious AND respect your body.

When you bring a Swiss Delices cake or pastry to an event, the smiles are guaranteed.  More importantly, you will smile too knowing that you are serving the very best.